Stiehm for Minesota House
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September 27, 2022, 3:25 pm

Political Views


Health Care

Tom Stiehm understands the need for affordable health care options for all. He has heard the stories of those who are left bankrupt due to inadequate insurance and excessive costs. Too many farmers, small business owners, independent contractors, families, and seniors must guess what level of care they can afford to pay versus what is the likelihood of needing the care. Covid-19 has shown a lot of cracks in the health care system. Tom will fight to keep health care costs down.


Veteran Affairs

Tom Stiehm comes from generations of service members. He can trace their service back to his great- great grandfather who served in the Civil War. His father was a WW II Marine. Tom served three years in the United States Marine Corps.

His older brother Jerry was an Army veteran exposed to Agent Orange during his tour in Vietnam and, from that exposure, became 100% disabled. Sadly, Jerry gave the ultimate sacrifice, losing his life due to complications from the long-ago exposure to the toxic substance. Tom continues to receive his medical care from the V.A. and will be a strong advocate for those who serve our country.

Public Safety

Public Safety

Tom Stiehm served the Southern Minnesota community for 30 years as a Police officer. After his promotion to detective, he worked with the Southeast Minnesota Narcotics Task Force, working hand in hand with the local police and county sheriff deputies throughout the State, and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Tom knows the issues police deal with on a daily basis and the difficult choices they are faced with. The morale among Law Enforcement officers has never been lower due to various high-profile cases around the State. As a Law Enforcement officer every decision is second guessed by the public. As your State Representative Tom Stiehm will work to renew and redefine our relationships with our protectors.